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Magok Development Projectopment Project Project

Gangseo-gu Magok-dong and Gayang-dong area

Magok Development Projectopment Project

Development Type: Other

Type Of Developer: Public Sector

Start Year: 2007

Address: Gangseo-gu Magok-dong and Gayang-dong area


Contributor: audex


Location Description
The location of the site is located in the south west area of Seoul where Gimpo and Incheon International Airports are taking place nearby. It takes around thirty minutes to arrive at the CBD of Seoul and thirty minutes to Incheon International Airport . The location of the site is fitted for people to take different types of transportation allowing the public to have a convenient transportation to many places inside Seoul city.

Case Report


The Magok Development project was initiated to amend a better city for Seoul. Magok was one of the cities near the Han river where it is located in the western part of the Han river. It is also the latest underdeveloped waterfront city which seeks for industrial complex and R&D facilities. Moreover, the business and commercial area will also be placed near the subway station allowing convenient access inside and outside these areas. Lastly, the green infrastructure will be placed in the middle of the city allowing the coexistence of the city and greenery where people can gather around and take time to enjoy the nature at all times.

Development Info.

Development Scale: District

Total Development Cost: Six Trillion Five Hundred Ninety Five Billion Won

Total Land Area: 3,666,644 m2

Total Development Area: 3,665,756 m2

Area Type: Urban Area - Downtown/Central Business Area

Start Date: 2007/12/28

Opening Date: 2020/12/01

Planning Approval: Magok District Development (2006.01.04)

Lead Developer: Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation

Consultants: "The consultants are the organization under the Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation Development administration team, Civil engineering project team, Land planning team, Architecture project team, Urban support facilities team. "


Economic Context

1. The surrounding of the site had few housings and the site was usually filled with greenery and vacant spaces 2. The site was served as the junction or node where different types of transportation were available including the express airport subway 3. The site have #9 and #5 subway line allowing convenient transportation to the CBD

Social Context

1. There are insufficient context or area where people can interact with each other. 2. More reasons why the Magok Development Project should be initiated.

Environmental Context

1. Han River passes the northern part of the district which connects all the way to different parts of Seoul 2. Gung & Woo Jang mountains are located near the site

Historical Context

Not Available

The Plan

Pre-planning Efforts

1. The last part or district part of Seoul near the Han river was undeveloped yet 2. Neighboring areas such as Bangwha & Balsan district were being developed for Magok to undergo the process of creating new project for the site 3. The site was an important transportation point which influenced the need of pre- planning a new project

Vision Statement

The vision statement of the project is to act as gateway city of the Northeast Asia for it is located near the Airports in Seoul allowing the potential of international trade. The three subway lines that are located near the site opened to the public that also act as the gateway city of the Northeast Asia. (

Goals and Objectives

1. Strengthening the international trade 2. Creating new business area in the site 3. Environmental friendly community for residential area 4. Creating high-tech cultural space (

Issues and Problems

Due to the upcoming projects near the site, the Magok Development Project was postponed several times delaying the project for almost a decade than the original date.

Benchmark Projects


Public Engagement Strategy

After the project has been completed, there was a public engagement where the public and the professionals gather around together to do problem solving related to the issues inside the city itself. They called it, "Living Lab of Magok Smart City."

Financing Strategy


Existing Community and Residents

There weren't any significant community and residents in the existing site of Magok for the project was initiated smoothly.

Phasing Strategy


The Master Plan

The Han River Renaissance master plan was strategized to form waterfront towns to revive the river from the bigger picture. The master plan of the magok development project is to form a green city which allows ventilation to happen within the city as well. The Han river also serves as a channel to allow wind to naturally flow through the city and connecting the nature and the space of Han river intervening with the site itself.

Land Uses and Programs

Resident Area, Commercial Area, Business Area, Industrial Area, Infrastructure Area

Timeline or Milestones

2005- Announce the Basic concept of the Project 2006- Announce the approval limit of the Project 2007- Establish the Development Plan 2008- Approve the execution Plan 2009- Start construction (1st complex) 2010- Start construction (2nd complex) - assign and approve the altered execution plan 2011- Start construction of 1-7 and 14-15 apartment complex 2012- 2016-Altered zone placement and Confirmation of development plan 2017-2019- Notice of Approval of implementation made in the plan 2020- Altered zone placement and Confirmation of development plan - Start construction for CP1-CP3  

Current Status

The current status of the project is currently unfinished and it is still on progress of constructing several parts of the project.

Lessons Learned

What is the most important take away from this case?

After the Urban Planning has been accomplished, there are still a lot of process to undergo in order for the planned city to be entirely completed. The bigger the area of the project the longer it takes to manage and complete one project. Although the city is uncompleted, I am looking forward to see the goals and objectives of this project to succeed.

Why is this case relevant today and for whom?

The case is relevant to people who are seeking for job opportunities with foreign investment and people who are seeking for houses.

Which strategy was proved to be successful?

Connecting the Han river and expanding the greenery inside the city will probably the most successful strategy of the project.

In your opinion, what could have improved this project?

In my opinion, the duration of the project prolonged excessively which is still on-going at the moment. The project related to the time of completing the project much faster might have improved the project generally.

Any other comments?

It still an on going project but, I definitely think its worth the investment because it provides commercial, residential, industrial, infrastructure areas which are complex of variety needs for the public. We can also say it is a smart city for the local people and for the foreigners coming from different countries.



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