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Jong-am Box Park

Development Type: Open Space Development

Type Of Developer: Public Sector

Start Year: 2019

Address: 3-1288, Jongam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Contributor: audex


Location Description
It is located at the bottom of the 10m high overpass and it is a transportation island surrounded by a 15-20m wide road. There are large-scale residential and commercial complexes in the vicinity. To the east, it is connected to Jeongneungcheon, but maintenance is insufficient and the smell is severe

Case Report


As part of the 'Comprehensive Plan for the Use of Subspaces of Overpasses’ established in 2017 in Seoul to create a low-use idle space in the city center as a community-friendly public cultural space, it was designed by ‘Simplex Architect's Office’ elected through an open competition. The judges evaluated it as an original work that presented a program suitable for various residents by having an excellent landscape approach in consideration of the surrounding context and pedestrian movement, and offsetting the rigidity of the overpass with the jauntiness and lightness of the wooden structure. The exterior of the site was severe in smoke, noise, fine dust, and odor, and an upper structure was needed to prevent contamination by pigeon excrement. The steel and wooden structures that form the overall structural system surround the side and upper part of the building, overcome the external environment and create spatial communication between the inside and the outside. Each column of the structure was designed in various sizes and intervals according to the characteristics of the space, and space was divided by forming a wall by being connected to the structure, and a rest space was created by connecting low to the passage column. In addition, the repeated flow of the wood louver serves to visually block the external environment.

Development Info.

Development Scale: Block

Total Development Cost: 1,152,260,000 Won

Total Land Area: 1343m^2

Total Development Area: 666.88m^2

Area Type: Other

Start Date: 2019/04/15

Opening Date: 2020/12/01

Planning Approval: 2019년 고가하부공간 활용사업 대상지 후보선정 / 2018-12-14

Lead Developer: Seoul City (Urban Space Improvement Department)

Consultants: "Design Principal : Chung Whan Park, Sang Hun Song (Simplex Architecture), Project Team : Eun Seon Jung, Hyun Woo Lee, Seong Wook Jeong"


Economic Context

Not Available

Social Context

Although the land is surrounded by both residential and commercial areas, and is surrounded by eight-lane roads with high traffic volume, it was a gloomy and unmanaged space due to the combination of the characteristics of a traffic island and the lower part of an overpass. However, it has contributed to the community by deploying programs that residents want and reinvigorated the disconnected space.

Environmental Context

Jeongneungcheon Stream, covered stream, is adjacent. Although the utilization rate of residents is not high because of odor, pollution and lack of management, a good trail will be created if it improves.

Historical Context

Seoul has been building urban infrastructure such as overpasses for the past 50 years in line with denseness and rapid urban expansion. However, according to the changing times and necessity, it has been removed sequentially since the 2000s. The lower space of the overpass, which is neglected in this process, causes safety problems such as hygiene and crime prevention and disconnection of the area.

The Plan

Pre-planning Efforts

Promotion Plan for the Use of Elevated Sub-spaces / 2019 Demand Survey for Overpass Sub-space Utilization Business / 2019 Overpass Subspace Utilization Project / Conference about the Overpass Subspace / 2020 Jongam Intersection Public space utilizing the underpass space Composition Design Competition

Vision Statement

Need Help

Goals and Objectives

The idle space below the overpass of Jongam intersection, which is neglected while disconnecting the area, shall be created as a sports facility for the area and a communication space for residents to connect the disconnected area of living. {서울특별시 (도시공간개선단), 2019. 종암사거리 고가하부공간 활용 공공공간 조성 과 업 내 용 서. 서울시: 서울시, p.3.}

Issues and Problems

Traffic congestion section, the disconnection of local living areas Subspace of Overpass, Driveway : Noise, Dust, Darkness, Pigeon... Near the Jeongneungcheon Stream : Insects, Odor...

Benchmark Projects

Domestic : Seoullo 7017 / <Eco-friendly Indoor Culture Space> Darak-Oksu / Guro-gu badminton court Abroad : Singapore - Thomson Flyover / Australia - Turbot Street Overpass

Public Engagement Strategy


Financing Strategy

The project is carried out with the support of the city, and most of the proceeds are also bound by the city. However, revenue from projects approved by the City or by itself may be used as administrative expenses for the space.

Existing Community and Residents

Before the project was implemented, there was a poorly utilized stage space and a deck and fountain that unnecessarily blocked residents' passage. Physical accessibility, such as connectivity with Jeongneungcheon Stream, and programs operated variably by residents' usage methods have developed communication in the community.

Phasing Strategy


The Master Plan

The core of the master plan is the concept of restoring and expanding disconnected communities by establishing main circulations within the target area by reflecting the existing circulation system, and placing new facilities at points closely connected to the circulation. As a result, programs such as food markets, cultural warehouses, and sports spaces are scattered in the target area, and an external space with lawns or decks create a flow of land.

Land Uses and Programs

Resident community facilities (322m^2)-Food market, multi-cultural warehouse, community center, workshop / living sports facility (375m^2)-Multipurpose sports space / support facility (69m^2)-Lawn shelter, toilet

Timeline or Milestones

’17.05. Feasibility Study and Comprehensive Plan Formulation for Projects Utilizing Overpass Subspace ’18.10.19. Establishment of a Project Promotion Plan for Utilizing Overpass Subspace in 2019 ’18.10.31. Survey about the demand of site ’18.12.10. Site candidates decision meeting ’18.12.14. Determine site candidates ’18.12.17. Submission of a private consultation on a promotion plan ’19.01.18. Review meeting on projects to utilize overpass sub-space at Jongam Intersection '19.04.15. - '19.06.04 Competition Period '19.06. - '19.11. Design Period '20.03. - '20.12. Construction Period '20.12. Open

Current Status


Lessons Learned

What is the most important take away from this case?

Providing shelter and community space that links surroundings, Providing vitality to the natural environment in the region by utilizing the unused Jeongneungcheon Stream space with high potential

Why is this case relevant today and for whom?

Need Help

Which strategy was proved to be successful?

The community space can be connected to each other to contain Pilates, exhibitions, and small gatherings. Minimal-designed installations using wood such as shelves and benches installed throughout the public walkway will accommodate various activities.

In your opinion, what could have improved this project?

Despite being designed for communication, spaces with boxes blocked from the outside seem to be bad for those who do not use this project. These characteristics seem to intensify, especially when they are not used, such as holidays.

Any other comments?

From the perspective of residents of nearby apartments and elementary school students, I felt that this space is worth to invest. Because unused space was changed into a place where I could enjoy leisure and play.



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