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성동 글로벌체험센터(성수 글로벌 체험센터) Project

3, Wangsimni-ro 5-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04768)

성동 글로벌체험센터(성수 글로벌 체험센터)

Development Type: Other

Type Of Developer: Public Corporation

Start Year: 2015

Address: 3, Wangsimni-ro 5-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04768)


Contributor: audex


Location Description
This site Is located on dduksum, so it surrounded with Hanriver and jungrang river. And seoul forest is located at south side of site. So there are placed many retails like bar, restaurant and cafeteria. This site is explained hot place of young people for dating course.

Case Report


Seongdong Global Experience Center is a special educational zone project in Seongdong-gu, which aims to foster global talent. The Seongdong Global Experience Center consists of Yongdap, Geumho, and Seongsu Global Experience Center, and surveyed the most recent project, the Seongsu Global Experience Center. The Seongsu Global Experience Center is located on the basement floor of the public complex building in Seongsu 1-ga 2-dong, and offline classes are currently suspended due to Corona. Instead, online class is running. Seongdong-gu is designated as a special zone for convergence innovation education in 2015 and is eligible for global talent training and luxury education.The Global Experience Center was planned to create a specialized education policy for Seongdong-gu. Seongdong-gu was also recognized as a UNESCO Lifelong Learning Center Global Learning City in 2016. It was selected as the Seoul Innovation Education District in 2017 and has operated three global experience centers so far, aiming to reduce private education costs and foster global talent. The two-dong public complex on Seongsu 1-ga has introduced a new method of entrusting the Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO) with entrusted operation due to lack of Seongdong-gu Office. It is an excellent example of capturing both profitability and publicity by harmonizing neighborhood and public facilities, which has since become a benchmark case for public buildings.

Development Info.

Development Scale: Building

Total Development Cost: 15582000000(W)

Total Land Area: 1249m2

Total Development Area: 139.65m2 (2018) ,total floor area (5381m2)

Area Type: Urban Area - Urban Retail Area

Start Date: 2015/11/01

Opening Date: 2019/04/08

Planning Approval: Seongsu 1-ga 2-dong public complex building,2015.4.8

Lead Developer: Korea Asset Management Corporation

Consultants: A for u design(Architect : park dong jin), EKOS (solar panel), 예간종합건설(consruction)


Economic Context

Renovation and reuse of old street to antic retail shop makes this site to fancy space. So many populations are visiting this place.

Social Context

The facilities based on it have also been considered because many of the populations of the  aged. Various programs have been prepared that can be linked to welfare facilities for the elderly, such as the Dementia Prevention Center, and the Sports and Culture Center located next to it. It also achieved educational goals through exchanges with Hanyang University, which is located in a closed distance.

Environmental Context

There are many greenery place. Seoul forest and DDuck Sum park are located. So when architects designed this project, they considered enough green space and resting place for users. and environmental architecture and renewable energy are considered too.

Historical Context

before this project started, there are old public center on this site. ( need help)

The Plan

Pre-planning Efforts

A. Site Conditions Survey 1) Topographical Survey 2) Investigation of urban infrastructure: All matters necessary for construction, such as electricity, information and communication, water supply and sewage, wastewater treatment methods, gas, transportation (road, etc.), district heating, etc. 3) An investigation related to urban planning: An investigation of related laws, such as the Act on Planning and Utilization of the Land, etc. 4) Traffic Status Survey: Traffic problems such as traffic adjacent to the site, transportation system for materials, machinery for various construction works, soil treatment, etc. shall be investigated. 5) Investigation of adjacent areas: Investigation of the current status of surrounding buildings, adjacent construction sites, civil petitions, discharge sites, sand sites, transport routes for various equipment and materials (waste, soil, etc.) B. Survey on land (status survey and ground survey): If necessary; 1) Field survey: Investigate local terrain, geography, slope, trees, burials, ground and underground structures, natural environment, noise and vibration, and record photographs on at least two pages. 2) Ground survey: Refer to the design guidelines for the civil engineering sector 3) Underground survey in the site: Investigation of water and sewage, electricity, telecommunications, drainage structures, etc. C. Various document research 1) Investigation of land registers, indicators, registered copies, land use plan confirmation agencies, municipal ordinances, etc. 2) Investigating matters necessary for planning, such as construction costs, planes, elevations, etc. of similar buildings 3) Climate survey (temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, snowfall, freezing depth, earthquake, etc.)

Vision Statement

Contribute to the development of global human resources by bridging educational opportunities for local youth through the establishment of educational infrastructure and the operation of various foreign cultural and language experience programs; (

Goals and Objectives

Expansion and operation of a homestay facility Seongdong Global English House for teenagers in the jurisdiction that lives with foreigners for a certain period of time;(

Issues and Problems

during construction, there are safety problems of locals. building blind load so people expose to accidents

Benchmark Projects


Public Engagement Strategy

Multiple purpose of this public complex (elder care, hygiene,library,  Daycare Center, etc) makes public engagement. And they operate various engagement program.

Financing Strategy

they entrust development to KAMCO. so they rent retail place. and kamco and seoung dong gu divide this profits.

Existing Community and Residents

rent a place for meeting to free, they support residents' association

Phasing Strategy


The Master Plan

Design and material finish outside the building shall be harmonized with the building type, and the surrounding area; It shall be harmonized with the natural scenery, permanent, durable, and easy to repair; Provided, That when renovating, it shall be considered to match existing materials. Inspection equipment for safety inspection of structures may be included within a certain range (intervals, intervals) It shall be considered in the design of architectural finishes. It shall be systematically and efficiently arranged in consideration of necessary conditions, and inappropriate. Interference and potential risks, such as the deployment of services, must be eliminated. Interior finishing materials shall conform to the characteristics of the building, space, and user activities Access to persons with disabilities shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and shall be conveniently planned. Contracting parties to the current construction industry in relation to the installation of dimensions, materials and building components; Eco-friendly internal finishing materials should be used. Install the main amenities of the travel toilet

Land Uses and Programs

elder care, hygiene,library,  Daycare Center, Police,  restaurant, hospital, parking, multi purpose room, resident's association center.

Timeline or Milestones

2015.4 planning approval 2015.6 Selection of entrusted institutions 2016.12.20 new construction ground-breaking ceremony 2018.7 finish frame construction 2018. 12 completed construction 2019. 3. 21 opening

Current Status

Due to the COVID-19 situation, most buildings are currently closed, and only cafes on the first floor and community centers and hospitals on the second floor are in operation. In addition, only senior care services and emergency care for daycare centers are being achieved in part. The Global Experience Center is currently closed and has yet to be confirmed until its opening.

Lessons Learned

What is the most important take away from this case?

The target of the Global Experience Center was students, but it was disappointing that it was located underground.

Why is this case relevant today and for whom?

It is related to elementary school to high school students in Seongdong-gu. Currently, offline alternatives such as online homestays and video classes with foreign teachers are in place.

Which strategy was proved to be successful?

Need Help

In your opinion, what could have improved this project?

If it was located on the ground and a wider space and a sunny environment, it would have a good effect on learning skills.

Any other comments?

To be honest, I can't give an accurate assessment because it's currently closed. I don't think it's meaningful to invest if it works because it's operated in an online class as it is today. However, I think it would have been a good investment to meet the goal if the three-week homestay-style boarding class had been operated in the past.


OFFLINE Resources and References

Consent to the entrusted development and management plan of the public complex building in Seongsu 1-ga 2-dong, Extended installation and operation of Seongdong Global English House by region, the public complex building in Seongsu 1-ga 2-dong Design Competition Guide,


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