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서울시 50플러스 센터 중부캠퍼스 Project

21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

서울시 50플러스 센터 중부캠퍼스

Development Type: Open Space Development

Type Of Developer: Public Corporation

Start Year: 2017

Address: 21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul


Contributor: audex


Location Description
It is about a 10-minute walk from Gongdeok Station, which has three subway lines in Seoul. There are lines 3 and 6 and airport railways.

Case Report


Currently, welfare programs for the elderly are the main purpose of the building. And there are programs for start-ups. The program on start-up is mainly about start-up programs that encompass young people and the elderly. Young people are mainly about starting a business for welfare for the elderly. I plan to make this point more focused because young people are talented people who will lead our country.

Development Info.

Development Scale: Town

Total Development Cost: 5 years

Total Land Area: 25000m2

Total Development Area: 82478m2

Area Type: Urban Area - Urban Residential Area

Start Date: 2017/05/01

Opening Date: 2017/05/01

Planning Approval: Raise the temperature. Increase the value of life.

Lead Developer: Yeongdae kim

Consultants: 50+컨설턴트, 50+학습지원단, 50+NPO펠로우십, 50+SE펠로우십, 50+취업진로전문관, 학교안전관리서포터, 우리동네맥가이버, 한지붕세대공감 코디네이터


Economic Context

It is one location where there are many apartments. However, there are many commercial facilities and companies at Gongdeok Station. This will have a lot of economic impact on this project. And the airport railway will be easy to access by foreigners and travelers, and the distance from Yeouido is not far, so it will have a significant economic impact.

Social Context

It may be the area most affected by the subway. It is an area with a large floating population because three lines overlap among Seoul's subways. Therefore, commercial facilities have developed a lot due to the large number of people coming and going, and the housing prices of nearby apartments are also high.

Environmental Context

If it is one of the most influential environmental factors in Seoul, many people would say the Han River. As it has long been said to be a miracle of the Han River, it has made tremendous progress in Korea around the Han River. The site is not far from the Han River.

Historical Context

지하철역 한개의 정거장 차이로 위치한 곳이 마포역이다. 마포라는 언어의 유래 자체가 항강에서 배를 띄우는 위치에 있는 것이다. 그 곳과 멀지 않은 위치에 사이트가 있어서 영향을 많이 받았다.

The Plan

Pre-planning Efforts

This PropTech Startup is Looking to Change the Way We Buy Homes

Vision Statement There are many job problems for the elderly in the age of 100. As a result, many senior citizens are starting their own businesses.

Goals and Objectives Jobs sometimes make life difficult, but with jobs, life satisfaction increases. The same is true of old people. If you live without a job, people often get depression. So there will be many elderly people who work as they get older. It will be a project for those people.

Issues and Problems

I think the problem is the conflict between young people and old people. Recently, there have been many contents on the news about conflicts between the elderly and the young. People talk a lot about it as a problem because our country's technological development has happened quickly. This seems to come from differences rather than from one side of the other. This seems to require a attitude of acknowledging each other's differences in future life.

Benchmark Projects


Public Engagement Strategy


Financing Strategy


Existing Community and Residents

50+ Foundation

Phasing Strategy


The Master Plan

It aims to change the lives of the elderly and increase social participation.

Land Uses and Programs

lecture room studio 흥얼 imagination factory library auditorium media room kitchen for all

Timeline or Milestones

Like using the name campus, time was done like a university. Therefore, people who use it receive education and use the building as well as the university.

Current Status


Lessons Learned

What is the most important take away from this case?

The most important point is the creation of a space where senior citizens can continue to participate in society and receive education.

Why is this case relevant today and for whom?

This may be because the development of medical technology has increased the average life span of people around the world.

Which strategy was proved to be successful?

It is assumed that the project itself is a well-run project without a special strategy because it meets the required demand.

In your opinion, what could have improved this project?

In the modern era, there are many single-person start-ups. However, even young people are not properly educated about start-ups. As a result, it would be good to add programs for start-ups not only for the elderly but also for young talents who will lead Korea.

Any other comments?

It is regrettable that the basic purpose is only for the elderly. In terms of the development of the country, I think education programs for young people would be better.



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